Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi everybody!

We decided to start a blog to keep everybody posted on what´s going on in our lives. We hope you enjoy it!!!!

Alex & Jessica


The Kempter Family said...

Just wanted to congragulate you two on getting married!! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed life together. God bless,


Jessica Courter said...

Hey Jess! Any updates?? I love you girl :)

the Kempters said...

Yes.... Do you have any pics??
I don't think I have ever seen your husband. God bless,


the Kempters said...
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Rachel said...

Oi Jessica e Alex!

Parabens pelo casamento, a nossa oração é que Deus seja o centro do seu lar. Ficam firmes! Jessica, você ficou linda de noiva!!!!
Estou com saudades!
Rachel and Isaias Divino

Alex & Jessica Lima said...

Hey Jess, Thanks so much for writing. How are you doing? I miss you & am looking forward to seeing you all. I am doing great, staying busy keeping house, but it's fun!!! I love you girl, Jessica Lima

the Kempters said...

Hi Jess & Alex, Thanks for posting the pictures. I love the Coke bottles, I wish we had those in America. Or maybe we do and I just haven't found them yet...I don't know:) Well congrads on the marriage, we are praying for you guys. God bless,

Nathan "man of nine"