Sunday, June 29, 2008

Outing with the couples from church

Some couples from our church went out for a special outing last night in celebration of Valentine's Day here in Brazil... We had a blast! We went to this beautiful park to get pictures and then to a very fancy Italian pizza place!!! All the men gave their wife a rose... It was sooooo sweet! My husband gave me a cute thing with chocolates in it! Here are some pictures!!!

My wonderful husband & I!!!!

He makes me sooooooooooo happy!!!!!!

With the rose & my chocolates...yum!

He got on his knees, told me he loved me & handed me my gifts!
(Yes, I did cry :)

Here are the guys....

And the girls


Alex & I

Gio & Cielly- our best friends! Aren't they cute?

I love you, Alex...thanks so much for all you do to make me feel loved & special. I love you more every day!!!!

P.S. Thankyou Jenny for helping me with the hair... Jana for doing my nails & Mommy for the patience in helping me sew my skirt!!! I love you all....

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Jennifer said...

Oh how sweet!! I didn't know Valentine's day was a different day in Brazil!! I love Valentines day if I had a man..soon I pictures were so good!!
Love in Christ