Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some things I love about my man!

I was thinking this week of all the things that I love about my hubby!
There are sooooooo many things...but here are the major things that came to my mind:

1. I love the way he smiles.

2. I love the way he says some funny things in English...he is trying so hard to learn...His favorite sayings are : "I sure do miss you", "yes dear", and "cute" :)

4. I love the way he makes me smile when I am sad.

5. I love all the little things he does throughout the day to make me feel special.

6. I love it when he holds my hand & prays with me :)

7. I love how he is so hard working.

8. I love how he is so organized & peculiar about things.

9. I love seeing him with children...the way he is so caring & tender with them.

10. I love how positive he is about life....

And I could go on.... and on.........
I am so blessed to have you, Alex! Thanks so much for being such a good friend & husband! I love you so much & I am so proud of you!
Your wife...


Alisha said...

What a sweet post!

Jennifer said...

That is the sweetest post!!! I hope to find somebody one day!! Your a very lucky lady:)