Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hey everyone,
I apologize for neglecting my blog, things here have been extremely busy! I never get around to posting. Sorry :(
We just came back from our annual family camp during mardigrass season. It was from the 20th - 25th. It was a blessing. We were blessed with great preaching and fellowship. God blessed us with wonderful weather too. It rained a lot, but it always stopped in time for us to play and we even got to go swimming!!!! It was great!!!!! We came back to our homes refreshed & rested!
Back home, things are just as crazy as ever. We have so many activities coming up at church, so we have been VERY busy. Alex has been very busy painting the church at Umuarama. It is so far away & he has to take 2 buses there & back, it has been very time consuming & tiring for him. I am hoping to get a good teaching English soon, so running after things has kept me quite busy too. I am excited about it though! Alex's sisters, Ana Paula, who got saved a couple of months ago just had a baby girl on the 24th. Her name is Aline, and I still haven't been able to see her! I am planning on dropping by this week, so I will post a picture of my newest niece soon ;) Please continue to pray for Ana Paula's spiritual growth and for a speedy recovery. Thanks so much!
Well, I was going to post pictures, but they take up so much time, if you would like to see picture of camp this year, you can look at my family's blog....
Have a blessed week!

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