Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our New Years service and day...

We had a wonderful New Years service... Our church usually plays secret pals so we did that on New Year's Eve.

Alex got this shirt :)

I got a perfume :)

Emmanuely & Isabelly...bright eyed and bushy tailed even after midnight :)

~ After midnight we had food and drinks and then went home to rest. VERY early the next morning we all went out to our camp to spend the day. We had a wonderful time out there. We had our traditional churrasco and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and lots of fun and food!
Everybody was able to nap ...

Our testimony service at night, ( we usually sit in a circle outside, but it started raining so we had to cram into the small porch. We had a wonderful time though!)

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O Schrock said...

Great to hear how your new years service went! Thanks for the Pictures! We love you all and look forward to being with you as soon possible!