Sunday, February 28, 2010

37 weeks

We're at 37 weeks now! Not much longer till I get to hold my precious baby boy! We're getting so excited and very anxious! I've been feeling pretty good, just a little tired and overwhelmed with the many things that still have to get done before the baby gets here, but God has been so good to us! We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see how things are progressing, so we're excited about that! Alex officially starts college tomorrow, so he's really excited about that. I know it will be a little hard for me having to be away from him all day long, but I am very happy God gave him this opportunity to further his schooling.
Wishing you all a blessed week!


{ jessica } said...

You are getting so big (and lovely!)!!!!! I can't wait to see him!

O Schrock said...

Wow, we'll be praying for you these next weeks!

Brittney said...

You are soooo adorable!!! I love that tummy :)