Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A boy and his dog...

We recently adopted a puppy. Yes, you heard right, a PUPPY...something I had said I never wanted to have again! When Alex and I were recently married, we had a dog named, just remembering her gives me the chills. You see, Panther and I weren't best of friends...she tore my clothes of the line, chewed up my plants on the porch, ate all the shoes she could find, dug up my flowers, and just gave me so much to do! When she was finally gone, I promised myself never to adopt another dog into our family. (SMILE) That was, until Joshua came along, and Joshua's daddy decided: "No boy can grow up without a dog! I think I will get  a puppy! What do you think, honey?"  GASP!!!! "WHAT???? Did you forget about Panther?" Anyways, to make a long story short, we did get a puppy...Meet Twister! He's a mess and is not much better than our old dog! Two of my potted plants just died this week due to TWISTER! Sigh, the things mothers do for their kids...and husband, shall I include?!?!

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