Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesdays musings

Good evening friends!
Happy Wednesday!!! Today has been a close to perfect day in my book! I've spent an amazing, relaxing day with my little prince! It's in the low's 70's here, a rarity for us, but we've been really enjoying this nice and cool day. Cuddling and reading stories to little prince, has been even nicer today, makes me want to stay in bed a little longer :) Nice weather makes me hungry, so I decided to bake an apple pie. Now, I have never made an apple pie before, so this is my first attempt! My crust didn't turn out, so I had to ask my expert mom for help. I think I finally learned, so we'll see how my pie turns out! I just have been *dying* for some apple pie, so I hope it tastes as good as it smells right now :) I have also got a pot of soup on and rolls ready to pop in the oven. Yummy!!!! I am sure going to have a happy husband tonight :) We went out to McDonald's for lunch today. Hadn't been to one for over a year, it tasted so good!!! Just a lovely day. Little prince is sitting on the floor playing with some toys. He's been such a happy camper today, makes his mommy quite happy :) We're waiting for daddy to come home so we can be even happier, sigh, what a nice day! I love these kind of days! Hope you're having a great day also! I better get my bread in the oven :)


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