Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Wednesday already!!!!!

How the days are flying by! I can't believe it's Wednesday already! The week has gone so fast...

My grandfather arrived from the US today...Hadn't seen him for 3 years, so it was nice to see him again and he also got to meet little prince, his first great grandchild! I tried to get a picture of them together, but my grandfather would not let me get one, he's terribly afraid of Facebook and was afraid I would post it on there... talking about Facebook, I deactivated my account...I just think I need a break from Facebook. It's wearing me out and I hate how much time I spend on there so therefore, I am just keeping my blogger and email for a while...I don't know how long, but at least for a bit :)

Anyways, back to my grandfather...I forgot to mention my grandmother came with him...she's a real sweetheart, she's not my real grandmother passed away several years ago, and my pops remarried this sweet lady...She's just so fun, I really love her!

Friday is my pop's 74 th birthday so we're having a small family party for him! He really looks great for his age...and my grandmother is almost 75 and she's wow...what I want to look like when I am 75! They're really energetic and in shape...of course they're vegetarians and only eat healthy, so I guess I will never look like her...I don't really want to give up on my meat (grin)...

Sooo, our day was kind of thrown out of schedule, little prince napped in the car on the way home and will not nap again. I was hoping he'd nap, because I have so much I wanted to get done during his nap...yikes! is a Wednesday, which mean we have church tonight...and I know a little guy who will not be very happy in church today! The worst is, he's fussy and I can definitely tell he's sleepy... oh why won't he nap?!?!

I've got a load of laundry to hang up, a pile of clothes that need to be ironed and hung up in the proper places in our wardrobe and a bathroom that I was really hoping to get cleaned today...soooo, I'm off to do that before time rolls around for getting ready for church!

Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday afternoon!

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