Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning new things

Good morning!

Hope you're enjoying a lovely day...the beginning of a new week!

Today I decided to post a video of the little prince...he learned to do the motions to a song our church kids sing in Sunday school. For some reason this is one the kid's favorite songs, and we sing it quite often. We were pleasantly surprised when the lil' one started trying to do the motions. He did it several times when I was changing him and I just thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, then his Dad started singing it and he started doing the motions, and I knew he really was doing it. It's really so cute and we laugh every time, because it's just so funny :) I hope you enjoy it...

The lil' one has been sick this weekend and I am extremely exhausted from the lack of sleep! I am just hoping he gets over this fast! He's got a sore throat, and he hasn't eaten for 2 days. Every time he tries eating I think it hurts, so he will just cry...poor little guy! People tell me I should take him to the doctor, and I just know the doctor here will prescribe antibiotics, and I really did not want to give him antibiotics unless there is really no other way around it!

Anyways, I might have to take him to the doctor...I am just praying I don't have to!

Talking about sick and little cousin, who is 6 years old is in the hospital with a serious bacterial infection...I went to see him at the hospital yesterday...please pray for him, his name is Kevin! Pray that he will feel better soon and the medication he is taking will soon take effect. Also pray for my Uncle Peter and his wife, as this is a very hard time for them! Thank-you!

And...pray for my lil prince...that he will feel better soon! Thank-you!

Have a wonderful week!


teffy said...

Your son is so cute... These days illnesses are just around us... My prayers will be with your lil son and Kevin.... God bless you lil children of God.

good4nothingfellow said...
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Megan said...

I wanted to check out your blog after I got your email earlier today. Your son is so adorable! I am amazed by him! I miss you!

I will pray for your cousin.

I am planning to try teaching Ney some signs... I'll let you know how it goes.