Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our house is coming!!!!!!

I mentioned on this post that we were building our house....and here it is, well, it's not done yet, as you can see, but it's progressing and I am ever so excited!!!!!! I fall more in love with this place every day and dream on about it being done and moving into it. I cannot wait to decorate it, ha ha ha ha, tell my hubby that, all he's really worried about is getting it up, and I am just thinking about decorating it...that's the real difference between men and women :) I can't wait to plant my flowers and roses and start my own garden! We'll have lots of room to make gardens...oh, I am just so excited about it!

For now, we're only building half of the costs a lot to build our house and we haven't made any loans to build this, which in a way is good, but we're building it slowly...My very talented hubby is building it by himself and exactly the way I want it...I am so blessed and spoiled ;)

So, here are the most recent pictures...

 Have a blessed week!

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LeAnna said...

That is so neat! My Dad built our house growing up, and paid for it as he went. Took him four years, but he did it! My Hubby builds houses, too. We're designing a new one in hopes that we sell the one we're in! You will SO enjoy decorating your own place, there's nothing like it!