Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday ramblings...

Good morning! It's a lovely rainy morning today...nice to stay in bed for a little longer...but I am up nice and early...and I was hoping the little prince would be sleeping in today, but unfortunately that did not happen :)

 I am just finally getting around to posting about the graduation banquet on Saturday...I meant to do it before, but we had quite the busy weekend, so here goes....

 We arrived at the banquet after our Saturday night service...it was around 10:00pm when we got there. The place was fancy...definitely the fanciest party I have ever been to. Everything was meticulously decorated and just beautiful. When we arrived there weren't a lot of people and the music was pretty good. There was a guy playing the guitar and singing some soft music, so it was bearable.

At around 11:30 p.m. people started piling in...every body was dressed fit to kill. I felt so simple close to some of the dresses there. There were some of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen there and some of the shortest, most indecent too, but I won't go there :o When people started coming in, it started getting rowdy...quite rowdy. They started playing really terrible music, I mean terrible...if you've never been to Brazil, you don't know what terrible music is like. I try not to listen to the words because they're all just filthy... and the people started  dancing...not just normal dancing...really indecent, immoral dancing...we started to really feel out of place. By this time, the lil' prince was so tired...I nursed him and he fell asleep...just.like.that! Wow! I was impressed! My Dad wasn't able to handle all the loud, blaring music so he took the lil' prince out to the car and babysat him while he slept ...wasn't that sweet?!?!? You can see in the picture right below...the lil' prince was tired and Dad looks really tired :) Well, this was at 11:30 pm. soooo....

They had some fancy appetizers out...they had the best salad I have ever tasted...I definitely could make a meal out of just it. The master of the ceremony then got up and said that all the graduates were going to come in this huge walkway...so we went to stand and watch...I am so sorry we did...we should have sat at our tables..the place where we stood was p.a.c.k.e.d, literally body to body, which was not good at.all. To make matters worse, every graduate picked 3 songs and the DJ made a mess out of them...and the graduates walked and danced down the walk way...some were fine, but most of them were indecent...very so. When everybody started dancing, my husband looked at me and said, "oh my, what are we doing here?" I asked myself the same question many times...we were only there because of Andreia! It seriously was the weirdest place to be. We felt like fish out of the water tank!

Andreia's entrance was the cutest one...she had some softer music played and she thanked God for this new achievement and then walked back and got her son to walk down the walkway with her. It was sooo sweet and every emotional woman there was in tears...I won't mention that I was one of them :)

As soon as the graduates came in...they served supper, and we ate supper and left...it was getting too bad, and out of control... We arrived home at around 1:30 pm. quite worn out...and I am still kind of shocked at all I saw there! When you think you've seen everything, you are invited to a party like this ...and then you know you haven't seen everything...and to be quite frank, I wouldn't care if I hadn't ever seen this :)

So, I wouldn't exactly say it was a good experience...I am glad that the lil' prince is small enough that he won't remember ...I definitely would not take him to something like this if I knew...and if he were older and I absolutely had to go...so, that's just my take on my first graduation banquet in Brazil :)

Me, Andreia & Juci

Andreia and her son Guilherme



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