Sunday, March 13, 2011

Josh's Birthday party

We had a party for the lil' prince on Friday night. It went very well, until the lights went out :( I was disappointed, especially since we we'rent able to get some good pictures of him with the grandparents and great grandparents :(

I am glad I did snap some before the lights went here they are.

I am happy we had the party and am looking forward to getting back into normal schedule now. I have so much housework to get done this that's what I'll be doing :)

The cake table....a real jungle :)
Another view of the table decorations
The table with the party favors...everybody was able to take a little animal stuffed with candy home ;)
Another view of the favor table
The amazing cake my Mom and I made....LOVED it....
"Ocean water" - Jello :)
Our family...this is not the best picture of me, but hey..that's the only ones we got so bear with me ...and if I look's because I really was tired....;)
The birthday boy with one of his birthday gifts ;0
Gifts, he got many gifts...mostly toys...I put away a good portion of them...a kid doesn't need that many toys art once :)
Lighting the candle ;)
And that was basically all the pictures we got of this party...sad, I know! I had plans of getting some nice pictures, but that wasn't possible, so....

Hope you enjoyed the pictures ..

Have a wonderful week!

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