Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Tuesday :)

It's Tuesday...just a reminder, in case you're like me and you easily forget. If I were pregnant, I would blame it on the pregnancy brains, but no excuse for this camper ;)

Is it just me or is time flying like crazy?!?! I can't believe it's April already...wowzers...time flies when you have a kid.

On my last post, I had mentioned the goof-ball prince was sick...he's doing much better and it's so nice to see him be himself again. We sure have been enjoying this little goof-ball. He is so funny and it's fun to see his personality showing. He makes us laugh all the time...learning new things, doing different things. He's actually taking some steps now ....so I figure he will be walking pretty soon :) YAY, wait, maybe not ;) Seriously, people tell me, "wait till he's walking, then you're going to be busy..." I reckon so, but I still really can't wait for him to walk :)

Yesterday, I was cleaning up the house, while he sat playing with his toys and jabbering to himself. He then got up, waddled a couple steps to where I was and gave me a toy he was playing with...I was so shocked and I just started laughing...:) My baby boy is growing.
What do you think of his shades?!?! He likes 'em ;)
 It's amazing how fast they learn things. He's recently started saying his own name a lot...he will repeat in a sing-song voice a couple of times : "dosh, dosh, dosh, dosh"...It just melts this mama's heart ;)
 The other day is was going through some receipts and putting away important ones and throwing some away, he was on the floor playing with the papers...I accidentally threw one on him and it landed right on his little feet...he picked it up and looked at me and said "no, no, no" while shaking his head ;) It was so adorable...he's in the phase where he wants to throw everything and I always tell him "no" when he does...and here I thought he wasn't even paying attention to what I was trying to teach him ;)

This week we had a visit from a good friend of ours ...she has a little girl who is exactly 2 months older than my little boy...so it was fun to watch them together.
Friends ;)
Prince & R several months ago...prince was 4 months old and R was 6 months old...
 This dear family has moved away to another state, so it had been a couple of months since we'd seen each other...and these kiddies grew like weeds ;) I honestly tried to snap a good picture of the two toddlers, but it was impossible! They were moving all over the place, so it was hard to snap a picture...and they would not stand close to each other....don't ask me why, maybe because of the 7 inch rule ?!?!
We've already had quite an exciting week. We bought a car (actually our first car as a married couple :) yesterday and we get to pick it up tomorrow. We're soooooo EXCITED about this...it's going to be so  wonderful to have "wheels" :)

Have an amazing rest of the week,


LeAnna said...

Your little guy in his shades is just toooo cute! Yes, time goes SO fast once you have kids, it's nuts. Congrats on the car!

Jessica said...

Thanks :)

Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Oh he just keeps getting more adorable as time goes by! Michael Ray was walking at 9 months. It didn't seem like he was a baby for very long. :( The rest of the children walked between 14-16 months. Congratulations on the car!

Susana C. said...

uruuuuuuuuuuuu a car!