Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our new car ...

So....we finally have our new car and it's already been such a blessing. We've been enjoying using it, and the air conditioning in it is so nice ;) I'm getting quite spoiled. Josh loves it too, he will go to sleep almost every time we turn the air on :) The car is small but it's perfect for our small family...It's already been a huge blessing to us and we're so thankful that the Lord provided for us to buy it.

So, here is our car....

Excuse the little Indian behind the car...I don't know where he came from ;) (BLUSH)

The front of our car

Hubby and I were washing the car on Saturday and we left the little Indian I mean, prince nearby watching us. A couple of minutes later...guess where we found him...yeppers...in the water puddle....Just look at that guilty face when mommy called his name :)

The little Indian playing in the water puddles after the rain...uh oh...:)

We're rejoicing in the Lord's provision and goodness to us!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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