Monday, May 2, 2011


Happy Monday! Hope you all have a blessed week!

It's Winter in Brazil!!! It's 68 degrees outside today...That's cold for our Brazilian blood! We're all wearing jackets and socks and keeping the house well closed! You can laugh now :)

We're just not used to this kind of weather. It's really rare for it to get this cold! Only a few times every years, so that's the reason we basically freeze when it gets cooler :)

Have a happy week!!!



The Lockhart Family said...

I'm enjoying snuggling with a little boy dressed in cozy clothes. It looks so weird to see my kids all bundled up! I'm sure you understand. :) Did you get your Swiss Miss? :)

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

It's fun isn't it?!?! I've been enjoying the cuddling part too ;)And it's nice to do some baking...and the makeup doesn't run off our faces :) I think I like this weather a lot ;)
No, I did not get Swiss Miss. We did not make it to Extra today...we were busy looking in way too many awesome little stores...I need to tell you about them :)