Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A trip to the zoo

On Saturday we decided to take a little trip to our city zoo. Prince had never been there and we thought he's enjoy seeing the animals! He sure loved it! It was fun to watch his reactions when he saw the different kind of animals!

We had a lovely time and I am glad we were able to do this!

Eating ice cream...

When we got to the place where the anacondas usually stay, we found one trying to escape through the fence! It was really scary! This one wasn't very big...but they had some HUGE ones in back...I tried picturing it, but I was really scared to go closer to the fence ;) Snakes aren't really my favorite pets!
Prince also enjoyed seeing the caimen. This one was really close to the fencing... mommy wasnt' too thrilled about being this close ;) They had a enormous one way in back, but again, I could not get a picture of it!
Daddy & Josh

My boys!!!
He loved the macaws too...they were soooo noisy...but beautiful :)
Mommy & Daddy also enjoyed being together :)
It was such a lovely afternoon :)

Hope you have a wonderful day today!!!

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