Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mommy's helper

The little prince loves "helping" me ... whether I am washing dishes, mopping floor, cleaning the bathroom, he's always around ready to give mommy a hand!

Now, to be can be more of a hinder than help most of the time... having a 14 month old try to help you takes a lot of time and patience, and time ...and patience ( you get it ) why do I let him help me?!?!

I let him help because I want him to learn that he's more important to me than the house work...
I let him help because I want him to learn to work (wink, wink)

It would sure be much easier and faster for me to do it by myself and not have to re-wash the dishes that he picked out of the dish rack and placed back on the sink, or re-mop the dirty mud prints off the clean bathroom floor...

This is all new to me...I have to admit, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. I like everything just right and I like to do it this has been a hard adjustment for me. Yes, yes, I know...wait till I have more kids, then that will sure be a big adjustment!!!

All of this is worth it though when I see his contented smile....

He's happy to be mommy's helper!!!
So, I think I'll just take advantage of this time...something tells me he won't be so eager always :) And he sure won't be always a toddler...

Who cares if it takes me 2 hours to do the dishes?!?! I'm going to enjoy this precious time with the messer-up-er (clears throat)...

and....after we're done with the dishes...I will thank him and praise him for being such a good helper!!!

Have a happy day!!!

Cherishing the moments,


Anne e Elle said...

Que bom que ele está te ajudando!!,assim ele aprente que é sempre bom ajudar a mãe nos deveres de casa!

Josh você está lindo!

ah!Jess já estavamos sentindo falta em ler o seu blog!sempre que podemos a gente le!.
e este sorteio!?!?,nós vamos pode participar?


Jessica said...

Meninas que bom que vces gostaram...concerteza podem participar do sorteio..semana que vem ja passo a informacao certinha pra todos :) Beijos