Friday, August 12, 2011

I (heart) Fridays...

Fridays have to be one of my favorite days....I love the thought that the weekend is right around the corner and I get to spend some time with the awesome hubby!!!

The week has just zooommmmeeeddd by so fast...Feels like I blinked and it is Friday already..
It's been another busy, busy just doesn't seem to ever slow down

The little prince turned 17 months old on Tuesday and It's so hard for me to believe it! Someone recently asked me something about him when he was a baby, and I seriously could not remember for the life of me...sure made me's just going toooo fast...and if I can't remember a year later, imagine 20 or 30 years down the road?!?! So sad :(
He's into an unbelievable amount of energy, messing-in-everything kind of fase....keeps mommy always busy and entertained. He babbles and talks a lot...he's started saying phrases now, and I really can't believe how fast he's grown!!!

Isn't he CUTE?!?! (Swoon)

oh come on, I'm not biased, am I??!?!

Changing gears now,
We're trying to get ready for a baby shower tomorrow afternoon, so that has given us a lot of little things to plan and get ready...
Sunday is Father's Day here in Brazil, so we're getting ready for that too...I spent a long time getting together a craft for my Sunday school kiddies to make for the daddas turned out super cute..
 See for yourselves....
Adorable, isn't it?!?!?! I think the kiddos will have fun with it!

So looks like we're going to have another busy and sweltering weekend...I'm melting here!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


raising4princesses said...

your baby boy is so very cute. Thanks for the comments on the cheesecake. It was so good. Cream Cheese is outrageous here so we only baked half the recipe but that was fine since we didn't want to share! Take Care, Maria

Jessica said...

Thanks...Cream Cheese here is very expensive too, so we don't get a lot of cheesecake. I've been dying for some though...we just might have to splurge sometime soon....and then we don't have the real Oreos :( Sniff, sniff...oh well :)