Saturday, October 22, 2011

Soapin' business and other randoms

Since I moved out to the country, I've made acquaintance with many people out there that have taught me so much about country living! I am sure thankful for them. There's one lady in particular that is totally awesome. She happens to be one of my aunts and she has it all.....she knows how to make anything. It's been a privilege for me to pick her brain and learn new recipes, new stuff...I just love it!

One of my new learned things, is soap making...this is homemade laundry detergent, it's one of the most awesome products I have ever kidding! Soooo much better than the store bought ones. It's a very concentrated soap, so I use it for deep cleaning. It cleans like nothing else! I use it for white clothing and white sheets, anything white, cleans like a miracle. I also use it for our tile floors and I've never seen them sparkle so much! And the best part, I'm saving money. When I do my monthly grocery shopping, I don't have to buy so many cleaning products anymore. Hubby used to say I spent more on cleaning products than on food...that's because I love to clean....I love the smell of cleaning products ;) This particular homemade detergent smells like eucalyptus which I love too!

This soap is cheap and fairly easy to make, one recipe makes a whole lot.

Gallons and gallons of them.....

Some ladies from church came over to my house and saw the effects of this awesome detergent, so they asked if I'd make them some...
Why not?!?!
I've sold almost all the ones you see in these pictures, and still have some ordered for this week, so I have to make another batch.
I really love this! Being able to make a little extra money for Christmas shopping, right at home! How awesome is that?!?!
Rainy season is definitely in full swing. I just love it!! The colors of the skies are just amazing! Prince loves to play out when it's almost ready to rain....the coolness of the wind and the rain drops falling feel pretty amazing!

Isn't the color of the sky just beautiful?!?! I could sit and look for hours! God's creation is just perfect!
Happy weekend!


LeAnna said...

Okay, I'm totally curious about this soap! I know if you're selling it you probably won't want to share the recipe, buuuuut if you ever want to email me some ideas on how I can make some lovely eucalyptus smelling soap that cleans as awesome as you say then you have my email. Hehe. ;) I really want to make my own laundry soap, but I'm so afraid it's not going to clean well. Any pointers???

Those rainy pictures look so lovely. Love the one of Prince!

Alisha said...

I would love some pointers on the soap too! ;-)

Kelley said...

He is so precious! Love that picture :) And yes, I will jump on the bandwagon and ask for some tips too :)
Do you use a HE washer? Is this soap ok for that? That is my biggest hesitation in making some that it wont work in my wash.

Jessica said...

Ladies, I will be posting some pointers on soap making soon, stay tuned!