Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Tale of Frogs

I mentioned that there are several nasty critters and creatures living out where we live now.... this is the bad part of country life.

I hate critters.............. with a passion!

The most common one living out there are these:

I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate this things. They're nasty and just around nightfall they starts showing up....tons of them, everywhere. Now I kind of know what the Egyptians back in Bible times went through with all those disgusting creatures around.
 Yes, I am very well aware of the fact that they cause no harm, a ton of people have tried convincing me of that to no avail, but they're so ugly and so disgusting. I hate the fact that they hide in things and behind things and scare the life out of you. I've gotten pretty good at seeing them from far away, I always have a spray bottle with some bleach in them (I discovered that bleach makes them hop for their lives)...and I try to keep them out of the house as much as possible. That still leaves some nasty ones to scare me. Just this week I was cleaning something, when two of them jumped on me...  I won't tell you how long I screamed bloody murder ;)
My dad says having these creatures around means no snakes are around because snakes eat I guess that's one thing I should be thankful about! I'd rather have frogs than snakes.....any day!

Now that the rains started, we've had some new creatures visit our house. Just Wednesday my hubby killed a huuugggeee tarantula ... I did not grab the camera, I was too busy hyper-ventilating and screaming! Sad, sad, I know!

This is the bad part of country life. I can't wait till our house is all finished and screened in, so we won't have any un-expected visitors around!


Now onto some sad news, remember I had mentioned we had seven adorable puppies?!?! Four of them, including the one we had picked died from over-heating this week! We're just so sad.... they wandered away from their house while we were away, and when we got back they were dead, we think from the scorching sun :( So, so sad....

Sigh.... but such is country life!

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The Lockhart Family said...

Aww, so sad about the puppies. :( ...and the frogs. :)

I definitely would have screamed if one had jumped on me. hehe