Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally December or Already December?!?!

Happy December!!!! It's hard to believe Christmas is really just around the corner, and the year is already ending!

Our fall decor has all been put away, and out came the Christmas decor. I love Christmas and I love decorating for it :) This year I had an eager little helper to help sort through the boxes of Christmas stuff and "help" decorate! He thought it was so much fun. Last year he was still too little to help, but this year we had a blast decorating our tree.
This year, my awesome hubby got us a real tree! We love it! It's still smallish, but we plan to plant it by our house as soon as Christmas is over! We're just so excited about it!

And our tree smells wonderful!

I absolutely love walking in the house and smelling it!

Happy December!


LeAnna said...

I'm of the "already december??" camp. This year has FLOWN!

Love your decor, as usual! You've got the knack for making a home cozy and beautiful!

Jessica said...

I'm with you, the year has flown for us too!

Thanks, you're the Queen of decorating, though :) But, thank-you for your sweet comment! Hope you're doing well!