Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is the life

I am loving this business of being home more often, having my honey home in the evenings and just really getting to be a home-maker...I feel settled, finally...and right at home.

There really is no sweeter word than HOME!

It may be simple, yet it's home..and this week I have been busy making it cozier..
I "spring cleaned" the entire house, went through every item of clothing, every drawer, had a ton of stuff thrown out, given away...and it feels so awesome to have everything clean and organized!

I made my own version of coffee filters wreaths for our bedroom...

It was a quick craft and super cheap...and we're loving it ;)

I've also been enjoying making meals for my little family, now that we can sit down and eat dinner together every evening...loving this, I really am!!
I am looking forward to trying out new recipes on my two favorite people in the world (contented sigh)..

The hubs started on his new job position this week, it's been hectic and crazy busy for him as he tries to get a hang of the whole business of managing the company's finances, but it's just great that he gets to come home and relax after such a busy day! And...I am just so proud of him :) He's the best!

The prince is growing way too fast... he is talking a lot now, and surprises us with new words every day. It is so much fun to have a small conversation with him, and actually understand what he's saying. I just love being a mommy...
And.. my sibling arrive from the US to spend Christmas with us in just two much to do before then, and we're just getting so excited! I haven't seen them for a year and a half...and I can hardly sleep..because I am sooooooo excited!

This is really the life!


LeAnna said...

Love your wreaths! Everything looks wonderful, I'm glad you're enjoying making your home yours!

Cheryl said...

You are such an encouragement, Jessica! Have fun with your siblings (I KNOW you all will!).

Chantel said...

What a beautiful craft! I love how it adds so much color to your wall.

And that sweet little smiling face at the end of your post is precious. I can't wait to be a mommy someday, too.

I also wanted to say thanks for joining the 2011 Reading Challenge on my blog! We're starting up again if you think you might like to join in.