Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The rains came down .... and the bugs came out

That would be the most appropriate song for the rainy season out in the country ...

Just as soon as the rains start, the bugs decide it's time to come out of their hiding places.

Just this week we found this critter in the prince's room (again)...

This scorpion is about as big as my littlest finger...and it causes one a LOT of pain. I was so thankful the prince didn't find it and we could kill it before it hurt someone... we also killed about 10 joking...and if you're dying to see a picture of what they look like, just look here and you'll be able to see our regular  un-invited visitors. Not to mention the frogs, lizards and bats that show up once in a while... sheesh

 Except for the bugs and the laundry taking three whole days to finally get dry, rainy season is not all that bad

The beautiful green and the cool weather are w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l for a I guess I can handle the bugs for a while ..

On the good side,

All of our plants are thriving and we've got a huge watermelon vine and some adorable tiny melons coming.. they grow really fast so we are excited about having watermelon from our own yard ...pretty cool!

Then our acerola cherry tree is also loaded with fruit. We've been feasting on fresh juice, smoothies, and just the fruits itself makes a wonderful and healthy snack, can't beat that :)

These are extremely high in vitamin C... 65 times higher than an orange, so they are very good for you...and they're pretty yummy too..
We got in a couple of big batches of the cherries and I used up some and froze the others for future use
And of course, because no post is complete unless there's a pictures of him....

So I am here, enjoying the rainy days... now the critters, I don't really care for, but cooler weather?!?! YES! I will take it ;)

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