Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mr. Toad visits

We had a lovely visit from Mr. Toad this week.

It was quite an interesting visit...this mommy screamed and tried to stay as far away as possible, while her brave man ran to get the camera and coaxed this hysterical mommy and frightened little prince over to see Mr. Toad up closer :)

He's the man, you know?!?! NOT Mr.Toad, mind you...I am talking about 'da hubby (smirk)

Our life is interesting... to say the least :)
This week has been a wonderful and rainy one...getting laundry dried is close to impossible now days.
The prince enjoys watching the rain and getting as close to it as he's allowed ;) He spends the rainy hours looking at books and talking to mommy while she's a pretty good deal, I think :)

And he loves picking flowers for mommy ....sigh....I really am blessed!!!

He got a big scrape on the forehead and close to his eyes yesterday, just part of growing up, right?!?!

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raising4princesses said...

He is so adorable. wait till Prince starts collecting them and bringing them to show you! You'd think with girls I wouldn't have that problem. But I do. They love frogs, lizards, snails, crabs....ewk! Have a lovely day, Maria