Saturday, February 11, 2012

Once upon a rainy season

Once upon a rainy season, it rained, and rained, and rained almost every day.. ..yep, you get the picture! We're almost at the end of rainy season and it makes me sad.

Dark clouds can show up at anytime...and soon after, the rains come down. It's a okay as long as you don't have clothes on the line  or you're out walking and get stuck in it ...
My favorite season... isn't it just beautiful?!?! The picture above is the view from our  house's living room (the one we are still building.) I really like my view. It will look even nicer when we move in our house and can keep the grounds around clean from all the weeds (sigh)..

The next picture is of downtown Cuiaba...we were heading home when this rain storm was approaching. It was lovely...I just love the color of the sky!
And...I didn't mean to get the Ford sign. but it was inevitable.

I am not merchandising for Ford... ahem, just to set that straight. But yeah, as you can see we have Ford here  :)

We even have McDonalds here...and we rarely eat there just 'cause their prices are outrageous, but once in a while we splurge and makes it even more yummier :) We got to go last night after visiting my dad in the hospital. It was really good. I had been craving, wanting is better.... and I am really careful when I use that word because people start using their imagination, you know.. and the answer is no, I am not pregnant. Just in case you were already wondering.

With that explained, I hope you have a wonderful weekend... I'm off to get clothes in because it's starting to rain...again :)


{ jessica } said...

oh, I miss Brasil :(


Lisa said...

The rainbow photo is just breathtaking! Thanks so much for sharing! Hope you have a blessed weekend! :-)

Hannah Doolittle said...

I understand exactly what your talking about. I love rainy season too! It's neat to see a rainstorm coming your way. Oh, great pics as well!