Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Step by Step

We just got home last night from a wonderful time at our annual family camp during the "carnaval" days here in Brazil.

We were really blessed during the four days we camped together with other believers. It really was a sweet, sweet time of amazing preaching, fellowship, fun and great food. We came home with our hearts overflowing with gratefulness for the work the Lord did in the hearts of many. 

I had the privilege of teaching the adolescent girls this year. Two of them got saved during these days at camp. What a blessing it is to see people saved and Christians choosing to walk with Jesus... our theme this year was "Step by Step with Jesus".

We were reminded that we can WALK with God and still not be CLOSE to him! We're just rejoicing and praying that we will continue to walk closely....step by step with Jesus.

We're a happy, yet tired bunch. This week's agenda is mostly filled with a mountain of laundry and housework to catch up on...
It's so wonderful to serve Jesus!

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