Thursday, June 21, 2012

Of birthday and randomness

I really can't believe how fast this year is going! So much has happened in just short days that I've not posted...mainly, I had a birthday! I turned 20 something....(and don't dare ask! It's kind of a "if-I-tell-you- I'm-gonna-have-to-kill-you-thing!) I tell you, life is just too short. Seems like I was 15 years old just yesterday...(but we all know it wasn't just yesterday)... sigh

I had a really awesome birthday. My family and friends really spoiled me. I have the best family and friends ;)
We celebrated a little early since my birthday was on a week day and hubby had to work, he took me out to Burger King. It's fairly new here and I had been craving a little taste of America :) It was scrumptious and the prince enjoyed sporting his Burger King crown around the mall.

My sweet mother made me my absolute favorite dessert for my birthday...
It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! So, so good! I've gained a couple pounds because of all this good stuff ...that's never good :( I had a wonderful birthday and I don't feel older...most days :)

We took prince to get a haircut on Saturday. It was his first time at a barber shop. His daddy or I usually cut his hair, but our hair clipper isn't working since I dropped it  *ahem*   for some odd reason. He didn't think it was too fun to have a total stranger cutting his hair. He cried for a while till he guessed it really wasn't hurting anything and he was being ignored...and stopped, much to our relief ;) Of course I got pictures...lots of them...I get to embarrass him someday (grin)!!!
Our winter has officially started, but it hasn't been extremely winterish yet. It's been pretty hot all the time. Our rose bush had over one hundred rose on it yesterday. It's right in front of our porch, so we really enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of them
the prince enjoys smelling them and helping mommy pick some to put on our table.
I just love the face he makes as he smells the roses. It sure makes me giggle :) It's so fun to enjoy nature with such my precious little toddler. He makes any dull day the brightest :)
And that's it for now, folks!


mylittlecottage said...

thanks for sharing this friend...passing to invite everyone to my tuesday bloghop a way of sharing with others ...thanks if you join...loves soraya

LeAnna said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Absolutely love the picture of the little man smelling roses, so precious! Your different seasons always amaze me, hot in the winter time! :) What's the coolest it gets?
Hope all is well, I've been MIA myself in the blog department. Life has a way of being busy. I love "seeing" you on Pinterest, though! :) Blessings for the rest of your week, friend.

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Sandra said...

My Dear, Dear Niece, I know that if ever I need a good laugh....oh, there's also good writing, pretty pics...but if I ever need a good LAUGH, I can head on over to "Jessica's Corner"! The 15/20 something..LOL!!! The "odd" way the cutter isn't working..LOL! The squirming prince..LOL! But, I won't mention AGAIN (snicker) the facial beauty treatment..LOL!!!! I do love you, Jessie, Dear! Aunt Sandra (Keep up the good work!)