Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thayna and Dayane

Aren't they too cute?


Jennifer said...

Aww..there beautiful..and the dresses are beautiful too..was it a special day? God bless

Anne e Elle said...

Nós estamos muito bem

Aqui está o e-mail da irlene:


Anne & Elle.

~ Jenifer said...

Jess, you have been awarded the "Kindred Spirit Award" over at my blog. I love you, sis. Your friendship is so precious to me!

thaina aquino said...

jess vc deveria troucar a foto minha de thaina e não dayane ficou muito feio eu piscando tchau ti amo

thaina aquino said...

oi jessica visita o meu blogger vc vai gostar dele

Omar (and Tracy) Schrock said...

Great Photos! Tell Thaina I said "Howdy" I love to see the pictures of the kids there and can't wait to get back down there! - Omar