Monday, July 19, 2010

Trying to stay warm :)

We've been having a "cold" spell here the last few days! It's been down to the 50's! This is cold for us!!!! I know you all will laugh and think it's funny, but we're sure freezing here! This is almost the end of our winter and we're sure looking forward to the warmer weather! Just the thought of having to wash dishes and clothes, makes me shiver! No one has heated water here, and to top it off, our hot shower head burnt out yesterday :( YIKES! I love our brick houses and roofing, but it sure is terribly cold in our winters! So, anyways, we're tying to stay as warm as we can! Cuddling with Joshua is even more fun in this weather, so I think that's what I am going to do today :-) Wish daddy were home and we could all cuddle together, but at least I have Joshua :-)

Joshua all bundled up...

Joshua and mommy :)

Joshua and daddy :)

                                                                   Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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