Monday, July 26, 2010

My life...

I know all I basically post is pictures of Joshua! Well, the fact is that this little fellow is my life :) I have the privilege of being with him 24 hours a day and what a joy and amazing challenge it is! I enjoy every minute of it!
He's growing so fast! Seems like it was only yesterday when he was born! A reminder to cherish the moments...soon they will pass by.
Anyways, I snapped some pictures of him today and thought I'd post them on here. I never get tired of snapping pictures, especially when the object of my "snapping" is someone so handsome as this little guy :) Of course, I am not one bit biased ;) Here are the pictures:

   Daddy was sitting in the rocking chair while holding him. Notice the mangoes in the tree right behind Josh. They will be ripe soon! Yummy!

He can almost sit up by himself now, but he can't hold up his back too long. Daddy was helping him in these pictures! He loves the ball . He and Judah Lockhart were playing with the ball for a little while today...

We've been keeping so busy lately. My sisters head back to the USA on the 10th, so we're trying to prepare ourselves to say good-bye once again! (NOT an easy thing to do!) I do not like good-byes :( But, I am so thankful for the time we were able to have together. The summer went by so fast!
I started teaching piano and that's going well and keeps me even busier, but I have been enjoying it!
Our cold season has ended now and it got so dry and hot all of a sudden! At least it is much nicer than the very cold season!
 I hope you all have a blessed day!



Brittney said...

He is waaaaay too cute, Jessica!! :)

Jessica Duarte Lima said...

Thank-you Brittney! I am sure you are getting anxious to meet your little boy!