Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mangos, Mangos, Mangos

It's mango season! On my last post, I posted a picture of the mango flowers. I finally got around to snapping some mango pictures.We've got a ton of them :) Next to my porch is a huge mango tree LOADED with mangos. The ripe ones fall on the ground and on our roof ( scares me when they fall on my roof in the middle of the night and I am awaken by the big THUD!) I pick up the mangos every day, some we just throw away, the better ones, we can eat or we make juice out of them.People walking by on the street also ask for mangos, so I usually fill up a pail of mangos and just put them out of the street so anyone who wants them can take some...someone ended up taking my pail...huh, I don't think that was a good idea...I will have to put it in bags or boxes now :(
   We're still waiting on the rain...It's been along time. I am really looking forward to the rainy season! The forecast says no rain until next month! YIKES! There were a couple nights last week that we had difficulty was just too hot! The temp has been around 94 - 100 degrees Celsius lately, but it has been cooling off in the evenings, so that's been nice!

And of course I have to include a picture of our little man :) This week was a very exciting one for us! Daddy found Josh's first tooth on Saturday :) It has already come through, and it's just so cute  (smile) ...then on Sunday, my mother found another one, it still hasn't come all the way out, but it's in the process :) I tried getting a picture, but they're still too small to really see and the little prince does not like it when we try to mess with his little it will have to wait :)  He's sure been much happier after the first tooth broke through!

            Hope you have a lovely day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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