Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 Yesterday afternoon my friend, the lil' prince and I went for a walk out where we're building our house...it was so beautiful!!!!!!! It was late afternoon and there were some rain clouds coming...it was breathtaking beautiful and I just can't wait to live out there!

It's so nice and quiet...it really is like living out in the country...I can hardly wait! The walk was so refreshing...these pictures are about a couple hundred feet away from where our house is...Isn't it beautiful?!?!

The green grass, the gentle breeze, the fresh smell of rain...just a few of my favorite things! Right now we live in the big, dirty, noisy city...so when I go out to the country, I am just soooo eager to drink the beauty in! I know it's going to be wonderful living out there...and a great place to raise the kiddos :)

Thank-you God, for the beautiful gift of nature!!!

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Susana C. said...

uauuuu eh lindo!!!
liked the "kiddos" part. :)