Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm here!

After several days of blog silence, I'm back! I wish I had counted the many times I made plans to post something, and ended up not being able to do it...they were very many times ;) These days have been crazy! I feel like I am running around in circles...ever feel like that?!?

We're getting ready for the lil' prince's birthday party. His birthday is a week from tomorrow, but we're having the party on the 11th. You all are invited, by the way ;) It's crazy how much work a party takes! I am sure you all know that already. This is the prince's first and last big birthday party! I was able to get a song I wrote him recorded and put into a video to show at his party, so that was a big one crossed from my list.  I still have to get the party favors done. I worked on that till very late last night, but unfortunately did not get it all done! Let me see what else...oh yes...the shopping, I'm getting it done tonight! YAY for one more thing crossed out!!!

And on top of all this, family camp is fast approaching! It starts on Friday night, and I'm going to spend the 5 days there! Am I crazy or what?!?!

I am really looking forward going to camp this year. I know I will be blessed with the messages and fellowship with others there! I'm hoping to get some rest there, so I can be perky for the prince's birthday on Friday night :) I'm so excited!!!!

So, this week has been crazy, and I've been on the go since bright and early till very late at night. There's always lots to do. I got caught up on my laundry today, so that's another one crossed out of my list..let me tell you, this list thing is quite long :)
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The lil' prince is just so funny and energetic. He's growing up so fast. He will sit and mess in everything (cough, cough) entertain himself for hours now, which is such a blessing for me ;) He's repeating so many words now and just really making his daddy and I laugh constantly at his new achievements. His newest favorite is "Dosh" which I think is "Josh", because he says it every time I call him....he will shake his head and say "Dosh:. It's C.U.T.E...

Everybody asks me if he's walking yet...and the answer is no....I don't think he will walk before his first birthday, but that's okay! I always say: "he'll walk when he is ready to". No use forcing him around, but it would be awfully nice :)

So...that's the scoop around here, and I really can't write any longer...I am sitting here and the mosquitoes are just eating me alive here :) Slight exaggeration there ...but they are pretty bad today. Probably because of all the nice rain we've been getting!

Hope you all are having an amazing week.....
Mine's been pretty crazy, but I'm here and I'm rejoicing in the Lord's goodness to me!!!

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LeAnna said...

Hope you have an awesome week, and a wonderful birthday for the little man!