Saturday, February 12, 2011

A year ago today...

It's hard for me to imagine that only a year ago today, I looked like this:
I was about 33 weeks pregnant in this picture! Wowzers! I really can't believe how big I was! It's nice to look like myself again...thankyou.very.much!

What's even harder to believe, I am getting a first year party ready for the lil' prince...(tears)...My baby is getting so big!

His birthday is less than a month away, so I have been busy trying to plan and get a party together. The invitations are ready and I will be mailing/handing them out this week! It's in Portuguese, so unless you read Portuguese, you won't understand much. I made it myself, to save some money...they cost a lot to have done here, and I am quite pleased with the results. As you can see, his party is Noah's Ark theme.

His actual birthday is the 9th of March, but since it's a Wednesday...and it's also the day that our annual family camp ends, I figured none of us would want to be partying that day, so we moved it to Friday night the 11th. It's won't be a grand party, but I am sure we'll have a grand time and a lot of good pictures to put on his baby book!

I am excited, but overwhelmed at all the work it takes to get together a nice sized party, (around 100) people :) Yikes!!!!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!!


LeAnna said...

Awwww, it's so fun to look back on those pics of the big belly days, but I'm always thankful to lose the weight and feel more like myself! His birthday party announcements are too cute! We don't have big parties at our house, either. Just food and fellowship with close family.

Jessica said...

I agree, LeAnna! I just can't believe how much our bellies can stretch! Amazing, isn't it?!?!
We're just having a big party this year...the next ones are going to be just family ones...but this one we're going bigger :) It's just a lot of work!