Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aquarium fun and random musings...

The little prince got to see our town's aquarium for the first time today. We were out and about and decided to stop and see it. It's really small, but the prince sure enjoyed looking at the fish.

A "pira-putanga" fish.
He was in awe!!

The minnows were definitely his favorite fish! He could have stared at them for hours! It was so cute to watch him try to touch them.

After the aquarium, we went out to explore the old town fish market, which is now a museum. It's painted really bright green as you will see in the next pictures. It was pretty and nice to have a place for the prince to waste his huuggee amount of energy while mommy stood in the shade and enjoyed the pretty scenery.

Doesn't he look so small compared to this huge door?!?!
I'm feeling much better today, so I'm so thankful for that!

These next few days, I am just relaxing and taking it easy, as the doctor ordered, praying and hoping I will be feeling up to par for our church's VBS next week! I'm so excited about our VBS, please be in prayer for that. Pray that we will be able to reach many children and their families during the next week. We're all looking forward to a blessed week.

I hear it's been very warm in the US lately. It's been very hot here too...It's 97.9 here right now, and 20% humidity...quite warm! So, how hot is it in your neck of the woods today?!? It's supposedly our winter here, so no, 97 is not acceptable as winter in my book!

Hope you all are enjoying this nice and warm Wednesday!!!

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