Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Caught red-handed

Since I became a mother I've discovered that life with children is anything but boring! Can I get a hearty "amen" from the other mommies out there?!?!

Little prince is always into something.

I recently caught him...red-handed... check out the guilty look on his face!!

"But Mom, it's so fun to dump the trash can and play in it!"

I wonder if girls are different??? I don't remember ever playing in the trash..maybe my memory is failing me.

The little prince sure knows how to make his mommy laugh, and trust me, I have definitely been needing a few laughs. I was in the ER last night...long story. I've got a severe case of mastitis...for some reason that term makes me feel like a cow! Anyways, this momma has been feeling quite miserable, trying to follow the doctors orders and take it easy, kind of hard to do with an active 16 month old! I'm taking antibiotics so I feel a little better today. I'm very thankful for my hubby and my mom who have been so helpful with the prince so mommy can get some rest ;)
Mommy's gift :)
Hope you all are enjoying a blessed day!!


LeAnna said...

Aaaamen, sister! I think boys are rotten messes. In the best way possible. ;) So sorry you have mastitis! That really hurts I've been told. I had a plugged duct one time, it was awful. If you aren't already, load up on the vitamin C! I take 5,000 mg 1-2 times a day when I'm coming down with an infection (or have one). Might give you (ehhh, tmi?) "the runs", but it won't hurt anything. Took it with my plugged duct and only felt bad for a day or two. So glad you have some help, it's hard to function and take care of little ones when you're sick! Feel better soon...

Jessica said...

...as far as my daughter... nope, girls are no different. LOL! I have a picture of her when she was about 6 or 7 months old where she had pulled the tub of butter down and was eating it off the butter knife that I was using. LOL! And of course there is her most recent ER visit and broken toe. She's definitely always into something. I think it's gender mutual! LOL :)

raising4princesses said...

he is just so cute! Enjoy the moments, Maria

The Lockhart Family said...

So sorry you're not feeling well. And, yes, I love the look of guilt on his face. :-) Very cute!

Country Girl said...

I raised 4 boys and 1 girl. I think the boys were easier in a lot of areas. They do create messes but usually laughable ones! Our daughter was always more emotional and out spoken! I could tell you stories about the things my kids have gotten into! Many stories! LOL! Our youngest son is 13 now and our oldest son is 34. He may be older than you! We adopted the last two kiddos! ~ Enjoy the Prince's babyhood! It passes by too quickly!