Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bless your flower pickin' heart

I love flowers, all different colors and kinds...

I think the little prince knows I like them! Every time we go "exploring" or on a walk, I point out the beautiful, colorful flowers, and smell them. When I first started doing that, prince thought he was supposed to eat the flower.. oh oh.. he knows how to smell them, he takes a whiff and says "ahhh" :)

See our beautiful flower arrangement?!?! We're mighty proud of it... prince and I hand picked them ourselves!
I just got a cute little jar and "arranged" them in while the prince exclaimed, "priti," "priti",
We enjoyed looking at them all day...

To other mommies out there, you don't necessarily have to do fancy things with your what you can with what you have. You'll find beauty in the most simple things!!

Have a blessed day!!!

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LeAnna said...

Excellent advice, girl! Those flowers are so pretty!