Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning about my God

A couple months ago, I heard about this book called: "What do I know about my God?" My mom even gave me a copy of it, and to my shame, it sat around for a while before I decided to read it. I don't read a lot since I had Josh, and I hate spending my time on books that really are a waste of time.

This book definitely wasn't!

I read it and about a month later, we had a ladies retreat and guess what the theme was???

"What do I know about my God?"

I don't think it was a coincidence. God was trying to get me to take some time out of my busy schedule to really get to know Him!
What a blessing the retreat was, I was encouraged to continue to seek to know God better!
For those who haven't read this book, first of all, you should! It has blessed my life in so many areas! I am so thankful for it! Secondly, it teaches a system of study...on getting to know God, and it's been just a huge blessing to me as I take time to read verses and write them down in their categories on my binder, especially made just for this!

I look forward to my devotional time, where I can take out my binder, my Bible, pens, and read these awesome verses about my God! It's amazing how many verses I have memorized just from writing down the verses and then reading them.

I really can't begin to express how much this has blessed me! Reading verses after verses of our wonderful God just brings so much joy of being a daughter of such a GREAT and ALMIGHTY God!

As you can see on the second picture (my binder), is in Portuguese. I decided to do it in Portuguese because I can use it a lot more with the people here. I've been using it with a friend from church. We get together once a week and read verses and encourage each other, and we've both been so blessed!

It does take some time, but it's sooo worth it!

So, I encourage you today to read, "What do I know about my God". I know it will bless your life richly as you seek to learn more of who our God really is! I know it sure has blessed me, and I just wanted to share this with you as well.

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