Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Picnic Time

Saturday when the hubby came home from work for the day, we decided to have an impromptu picnic. Out came the disposable cups, plastic plates, and tablecloth. We climbed up to the 3rd story overlook of where we're currently living, and voila....picnic time!

What fun we had! The prince thought it was so much fun to see the cars zooming by on the streets and the people walking by! There was such a nice breeze blowing while we ate our non typical picnic lunch. Well,  I guess it would be a typical brazilian picnic...with rice, beans and bifes (like steak)! It was simple, and a spur of the moment thing but we had such a fun time laughing, talking, and just being together.
So grab a tablecloth, some snacks and go have a picnic with your loved ones! It doesn't have to fancy and perfectly planned out, I'm sure your kiddos and hubby will even enjoy the simplest things!
Cherishing the moments,

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Sandra said...

Oh, it sounds soooo fun!