Friday, August 26, 2011

This child of mine

Yes, this is another post about my incredibly cute little prince! Go ahead and skip this if you don't want to read all the mushiness and see the many adorable pictures of his little face :)

I think my kid is pretty special, but then what mommy doesn't!?!

The prince is in such a phase of adorableness...and the most difficult, fidgety phase I've ever seen!
He is always on  the go!
It  really takes a lot of energy to keep up with him. (Not complaining though!)
His attention span is close to zero, so makes it hard to keep him creatively busy...

Today was the first time he actually sat down and "colored" a picture...!!!!
I was getting my lesson ready for Sunday school and he wanted to do something, so therefore I decided to try once again to get him to color. I was soooo delighted when he actually sat down and colored. It was only for about 5 minutes, but hey, that's a start! I can handle more of this!!

Check out his beautiful piece of art!

Yes, it's hanging on the fridge...I seriously couldn't wait for this day to come! I always looked at other mommy's fridges almost falling over with pieces of arts (okay, slight exaggeration there..) and I seriously couldn't wait till I had mine covered with my child's arts :) It's so much fun!

The prince also loves matchbox cars. And I know they say age 3+ but he was given one and it's his very favorite toy for some odd reason. Since he does not put everything in his mouth any more (knock-on-wood), I figured it's okay to let him play with it. Today his grandma gave him another matchbox car and he's just in love with it. He's even taken it to his crib for nap time!
What fun he has with his cars! That's another blessing that will entertain his for a while.
And of course he loves to eat! He will eat anything he can find...even if it's on the floor; to mommy's total disgust. Another reason I have to keep the floors clean at all times! Even when mommy's brownies burn, he thinks they're pretty awesome...
"Yummy! It has SUGAR!"
So mommy's with toddlers, what do you do to keep your little one's mind and hands occupied?!?! Any tips for this phase? What's worked well for your toddler? I'd love to hear your ideas and input on this!
Happy Friday!


Cheryl said...

Michael Ray LOVES cars too! We found one of those garage type thingys, with a ramp, "car wash", elevator and such for cars at a garage sale and he will play with that with his cars for 30-45 minutes! He is also just now getting into books (as long as they are not too long and have a sing-song rhyme). Balls are a HUGE hit with him as well. At 17 months he enjoyed smashing towers his siblings built (sometimes without permission).

As far as eating off the floor, Michael is more effective than a Hoover! :)

Sandra said...

Jessica, we just LOVE YOUR BLOG! I want to add a "side link" on ours -or whatever it is called. Help me along in any way you can. Really! :) Love your custom design! But it is "THE PRINCE", I must admit, that totally steals our hearts! Oh, well, evidently he does yours, too! God bless you, Jessica's Corner, my dear neice!