Thursday, September 29, 2011

Country "Bumpkins"

You ever wonder what country people do all day?!?! Before I moved out to the country, I often times wondered what I would do all day...(we still don't have phones or internet hooked up out there)..

Well, now I know what country people do all's a busy life, but country life is seriously under-rated! It's awesome, people! I'm lovin' every moment of it..yes, I do feel lonely some times, and I do miss having internet access, but it's all good.. I rarely have time to feel down!

Prince and I bake and cook a lot now days. I think it's really great that I have an eager little helper :)
We make doughnuts together... doughnuts are one of daddy's favorites, so we like to surprise him with fresh doughnuts when he comes home from work...and mommy loves making some extras to freeze for a quick snack some other time!

Prince loves to taste things we're making :) He's a good little helper for sure!

After our cooking, baking and cleaning are all done, there are several more things to pruning the rose bush! Prince enjoys watching mommy prune the branches and then he tries to "prune" the roses off :( At least mommy gets some fresh roses to put in a vase.

(Please excuse the prince's homely attire ...blush..blush..)
After taking care of the plants, there are 7 puppies to take care of. The prince loves them puppies...they're pretty cute, I have to admit.. but they sure make a big mess! They're nine days old today and their eyes are still not opened...I'm thinking they will pretty soon, though! It's soon going to be a lively, lively time with seven playful puppies and a toddler!

This is my favorite one from the bunch...I think he's just adorable!

Isn't he cute?!?!

After the animals are taken care of, it's time to sit for a spell and watch the rain storm come our way! It's just beautiful!! We enjoy such a lovely view from our porch, I drink it in every time I walk out and look around. Lovely, just lovely...
 After showers and some more clean-up, Prince sits quietly reading a book while mommy gets supper ready....
 After supper, it's time for some FUN! Mommy & prince play peek-a-boo while we anxiously await for daddy's arrival from school!
It's been a long and busy day for the prince and his's definitely bed time for the country bumpkins...
So, know you know what keeps these country people life really is great!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! No phone...No Internet...No distractions! Sounds like heaven to me! (Though I am glad you are able to go somewhere to blog!)

Jessica said...

Mrs.Long, we ARE enjoying ourselves's wonderful that God has a perfect timing for everything, He knew we needed this break from the busy world we were living in :)