Thursday, September 8, 2011

Country Life & Cashews

Country life is interesting and busy...
The amount of work there is to do is unbelievable!
We're enjoying our new home and are adjusting quite nicely to the changes around us. I've been able to start a little garden with some chives, peppers, and cilantro. I plan to plant more, but that will take some time to get the beds ready. It's a busy, busy life!

The prince seems to really enjoy the freedom of country living. He loves playing outside and exploring around. He's also so excited about his little room! I walked in there the other day and look at what I found..

I ran to grab the camera, isn't that just too cute?!?! He was laying on his bed reading a book! The photo isn't very good, but I just had to post it ;)

I'm also learning to make things with the fruit that grows around there. We have plenty of lemons and cashews right now. Mango season is coming soon, so I'll be busy freezing and trying out new recipes with them.

Cashews are in full season here.. and to those who didn't know, yes... cashews are a fruit! (Some people think cashews are only nuts)..
Here's a cashew fruit not quite ripe yet..they are bright red when they're ripe and ready.
See the nut hanging?!?! That's where the cashew nuts come from.

We just throw the nut part out because it's highly acid and you have to have a proper system to remove the toxins and acid from the nut before it can be roasted and eaten. Some say the cashew is from the poison ivy family, thus explaining the allergic reaction it can cause.

Here's a ripe cashew fruit without the nut..
I learned to make a typical brazilian dessert named "Doce de Caju".
Here's the cashews boiling in sugar and water...

It's definitely not my favorite fruit, but the hubby likes it, so I make it for him :)

So this has been my life this week. It's really a lovely life :) I think I'm enjoying everything, except for the critters and frogs..ugh! There will still be some post about these yucky critters that live around us...I'm sure you can't wait ;)



Kelley said...

What a cute picture of your son in his sweet :) my hubs went to brazil on a mission trip before we were dating and raved on and on about the food there and the cashew fruit.

Jessica said...

Kelley, that is so neat that your husband came to Brazil! We do have some good food here :)

LeAnna said...

I had no idea about cashews fruit! Amazing! Didn't know they were toxic in their natural form either, that explains why they are so expensive!

janice15 said...

The best picture in the world...couldn't be more cuter. those are the great memories. Wow that is interesting about the cashew fruit..thank you.