Friday, September 9, 2011

A mommy's mushy post...again ;)

Today is the prince's 18 month birthday and I can't believe how fast this last year and a half has gone by!
Our lives were blessed and made richer with the birth of our precious son! The joy this little prince has brought to us can't even be described.
Prince just a couple of hours old :)
To our precious son,
Words can't describe the awe and the joy you've brought to our lives!  You're a gift from God and your daddy and I are so thankful that God sent you to us! You're growing so fast and it's been so fun to see you growing, developing skills, learning new things! We cannot imagine what our lives would be like without you! 
We love you, sweet prince!
Happy 18 month birthday ;)
 All our love, 
Mommy & Daddy

Prince today ;)
In honor of his 18 month birthday, we're celebrating making cookies...what fun we'll have together!
Thank-you, Lord for the privilege of being a mommy!


Seasons of Grace said...

He is soo cute! Enjoy him while he is little (I know you are) They grow up way too fast!!!

Jessica said...

Thank-you! They do grow too fast!