Monday, September 26, 2011

Laundry Monday

Mondays are my biggest laundry day for some reason...all the clothes used over the weekend are piled high, and I like to have clean sheets, towels and rugs in the house, so I spend most of the morning laundering. The prince loves it when mommy is doing the laundry....he gets to "help" with the rinsing and after the laundry is almost all done, he gets to play in the water!

What fun he has!

Playing in the water is one of his very favorite things, and in this heat we've been having's close to marvelous!

Happy Monday!


Alisha said...

No washing machine? Wow! You're amazing! Definitely thankful for my washer and dryer today! The Prince is adorable as always!

Jessica said...

Well, I do have a washing sort of machine that beats the clothing, then all I have to do is rinse and hang up :) A dryer would be nice...:) Thanks so much!