Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Monday Ramblings...

This is probably the most random post ever...

We're laying low today, trying to get rested up from a very busy weekend. It's really nice to take it easy and enjoy some precious time with the prince.. I feel bad that the hubby doesn't get to rest. I'm so thankful for his cheerfulness in sacrificing for the prince & I. He's really the most awesome hubby ever! I can't wait till December when he finishes college and graduates! It's going to be wonderful having him home in the evenings!

I'm really blessed with these two awesome guys!!

Abruptly changing the subject, I'm so excited that my favorite season is just around the corner...and no, it's not fall, I live in Brazil therefore no fall for us ;( Rainy season is coming soon! I hope it starts a little sooner than usually, some places around our town had rain and it's amazing the difference in the scenery, the rain made everything so pretty!

See for yourself:

Isn't this tree totally gorgeous?!?! I love it!

Told you this was a random post...maybe I will get inspired soon, but for now, I think I will just sit back and relax!
Happy Monday

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Anonymous said...

i think its a great seems to me... you are very happy with your love ones and god has blessed you a lot..praise him...i love the pictures...i lived in the city but we have a beautiful view thrue the window peacefull specially in the winter all get so white..great! shalom..soraya