Monday, October 3, 2011

October already?!

I still can't believe it's October! I love this time of the year. We don't have fall here in Brazil, but I still enjoy this season and I enjoy decorating for Fall!

I worked on a couple items this year to decorate our house...and I was pleased with the outcome :)

I still have the same wreath made of coffee filters from last year, I just added a couple colorful leaves, and here it is, hanging on my door ;)

I also tried my hand at sewing a bunting...this is my first time making one of these, but it was super easy and I really enjoyed making it.. hubby & the prince liked it a lot, prince loves to point at it and say "pretty, pretty".
And here is my table decor...I made a pumpkin and an apple out of toilet paper rolls, newspaper, cloth and some felt! Super simple and easy, yet I like it a lot!
Happy Fall, everyone!


The Lockhart Family said...

Such prettiness! Good job on the banner too. I like it!

Jessica said...

Thank-you :)

Angel said...

I love the bunting!