Sunday, December 4, 2011

Growing fast

Do you remember seeing this picture before???

I took it just a little over one month ago, we had just gotten little Hero and I think I even mentioned he was a good dog..

WAS ... 

He's a little over two months old now and is just growing by leaps and bound..and I wish I could send him back to where he came from (clears throat), I really meant... I wish I could get rid of him.

Yes, he's cute...but he's a H.U.G.E mess and nuisance.

You should see the situation my plants are in. They look like they're barely surviving his biting and chewing. (sigh)
He's just getting too big for my taste...and no, he's NOT an inside dog. I never allow him inside! It's bad enough having him outside!

But enough complaints...

I do like it that the prince enjoys having a puppy ;)

"we're buddies, mommy!"

I can't believe how much that pup has grown in just a month! Yikes...
Did I mention that boys are a mess?!?! probably already know that!!!

Have a happy week!


Hannah Doolittle said...

Once we kept a labrador for a missionary family while they were traveling. The dog destroyed a lot of our plants. He even messed up our wooden beams! Although they sometimes are a pain they can be very lovable. So, I do understand your situation.

Jessica said...

Thanks for commenting, Hannah! Hope you all are doing well!