Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snake Story

Remember I'd mentioned seeing a snake in our house? And I didn't have the courage to approach it long enough to get a picture?

Well.... the snake came back!

Actually, it's becoming a regular visitor in our house! Yep, I know it's not too thick but it's still a snake for goodness gracious! We've seen this guy around a couple of times...and I finally was able to get a picture! Call me crazy but I had to get a picture so I could show it to the unbelieving people that think my imagination is running wild :) sheesh

Doesn't it just give you the shivers?!?! does me...I do believe I am becoming braver...! In case you snake lovers want to know, this snake is not poisonous and we did not kill much as I wanted to, I refrained myself :)

So there....

The little prince loves all the excitement country life offers. He like it too much for my comfort. Bringing frogs and little critters to the house has been common these days... ugh
What can I say? He's definitely all boy!
And he has to be the silliest boy ever ....
Yep, so there you have my snake story! Hope you're not too scared...and if you come to visit, the snake lives in the guest room :) (smirk)


Sandra said...

Wow! I feel really badly for you, Jessie! And in the bed.....(shivers). My mom had a very large and fat one in her house. But you're right, being skinny still leaves it being a snake! It's long...and creepy. So Lil Guy likes it, huh? (smile) He's certainly a KEEPER!

LeAnna said...

Oh my goodness gracious, I would have FREAKED OUT if I found a snake in my house. Snakes give me the creeps. I have dreams about them sometimes and I always wake up whimpering. AgggghhhhhhH!!!!!
ADORABLE picture of the Prince, just way TOO CUTE!