Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby kisses

What is more special than baby HUGS and baby KISSES?!?! Our little prince is just so loving and lovable! I have been enjoying all the loving he's been giving lately! He loves to "give hugs" and "kisses"....and I am just loving every minute of it! People tell me to enjoy it while he still likes hugs and kisses, I met this 4 year old this week and he was loudly protesting when his mom tried kissing him ...he kept wipping it off his face while saying "yucky"! It was a funny episode, but I got sad when I began to think that Josh is not going to want to give hugs and kisses pretty soon! Sooooo, while he still likes them, we're going to continue our "smoochin'" :)

I think he's trying to use his little teeth on me :) What do you think?!?!
      Have a lovely evening!

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